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Formerly known for its large prize purse, the Pegasus World Cup is one of the most famous invitational races open to jockeys and horses from all across the globe. In more recent years, the Gulfstream Park officials have focused on broadening the race card to create all-day betting opportunities. The race attracts horse racing fans from seemingly everywhere, both for the sport and for the thrill that a good bet can give them. The field attracts top-notch thoroughbred competitors who come to compete in twelve total stakes, seven of which are graded. Held at Gulfstream Park in January every year, the Pegasus World Cup is gearing up to be an event on par with the Kentucky Derby.

The Pegasus World Cup has been a huge part of horse racing for a great many people. However, the recent addition of the Pegasus World Cup Turf has increased still further the excitement that surrounds the event. Now, thanks to the Turf introduction, more races are being held than ever before. The main attraction will always be the intense, thrilling atmosphere of the races, now that the prize money is no longer a major draw.

In addition, the Pegasus World Cup has something else that only a few others can claim—the rightful inclusion of the “World Cup” part of its title, as it is a truly international competition.

No matter where you like to get your kicks in horse racing, one thing is for certain, and that’s that the Pegasus World Cup is a race that’s well worth a punt on!

Pegasus World Cup results 2022

Racing through the doom and gloom of the day on January 29th, Life Is Good ran away with the race right out of the gate to win this year’s Pegasus World Cup. After winning the Breeder’s Cup Turf in November, Life Is Good was a strong favorite alongside defending champion Knicks Go. The two of them were so heavily favored that several invitations were declined. The pair did not disappoint. Knicks Go came in second, with Stilleto Boy a close third.

Here, we have the full finishing order for the Pegasus World Cup 2022:

PositionHorseJockeyMorning Line Odds
1Life Is GoodIrad Ortiz Jr.7-5
2Knicks GoJoel Rosario6-5
3Stilleto BoyJose Ortiz20-1
4EndorsedTyler Gaffalione20-1
5Sir WinstonPatrick Husbands12-1
6Chess ChiefReylu Gutierrez10-1
7CommandeerRafael Bejarano30-1
8Title ReadyBrian Hernandez, Jr.20-1
9Empty TombEric Cancel20-1

Pegasus World Cup payouts

Betting on the Pegasus World Cup can mean huge payouts for punters who get lucky. If you’re looking for the best possible win for your dollar, you’re going to want to take a look at past payouts for Pegasus World Cup winners. Although take heed when looking at earlier payouts, as the Pegasus has shifted in recent years from boasting the biggest purse to strengthening the cards throughout the day.

The Pegasus World Cup is still relatively new to the world of horse racing, so trends are still emerging. Therefore, make sure you study the information that’s available—the phrase “worth gold” takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to betting on this particular race.

World Cup payouts for Win, Place and Show

Pgm. HorseWinPlaceShow
4Life Is Good$3.60$2.10$2.10
1Knicks Go$2.10$2.10
3Stilletto Boy$2.10
World Cup Turf
6Colonel Liam$5.20$3.60$3.60
2Never Surprised$5.20$4.20
6Space Traveller (GB)$6.20
Filly and Mare Turf
4Regal Glory$3.60$2.80$2.40
9Shifty She$4.80

World Cup payouts Exacta, Trifecta and Superfecta

WagerBet TypeHorse #Payout
World Cup Turf
Filly and Mare Turf

Pegasus World Cup winners

If there were a long list of past winners to put here, this is where you’d find that table. As it is, the Pegasus World Cup’s inaugural race was run in 2017, so there are actually only six total winners to look at. Despite its young ages, this World Cup has made waves in terms of prizes and is definitely up there as one of the biggest of the major horse races.

The winner in 2021 was Knicks Go, while 2020 saw Mucho Gusto taking first. The first winner of the Pegasus World Cup was Arrogate in 2017. While a very young race on the grand scheme of horse racing, the Pegasus World Cup is definitely going to be around for the long haul, so expect this list of winners to grow over the years.

Here’s some information on prior winners, along with winning times:

2022Life Is GoodIrad Ortiz Jr.Todd Pletcher1:48.91
2021Knicks GoJoel RosarioBrad Cox1:47.89
2020Mucho GustoIrad Ortiz Jr.Bob Baffert1:48.85
2019City of LightJavier CastellanoW.M. McCarthy1:47.71
2018Gun RunnerFlorent GerouxSteven M. Asmussen1:47.41
2017ArrogateMike E. SmithBob Baffert1:46.83

The Pegasus World Cup has the power!

It can’t be denied—the Pegasus World Cup is a major player among all the major horse races, and one of the most anticipated events on the horse racing calendar. Following the Breeders Cup. in November, you’ll want to get your eye on upcoming competitors for 2023.

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