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The Pegasus World Cup is considered a newcomer in the world of horse racing but quickly managed to establish itself as one of the brightest stars in the U.S horse racing scene.

First introduced in 2017, it was regarded as the richest horse race in the world, with a jaw-dropping $12 million purse. However, it has since lost that distinction.

The horse racing event usually occurs in January each year at a distance of 9 furlongs (1 ⅛ miles) on the main track featured at Gulfstream Park which is located in Hallandale Beach, Florida.

The horse racing event is open to 12 different horses that are aged 4 years old and upwards. Owners that are interested in entering their horse will need to pay $500,000 to successfully secure a spot in the starting gate of this event.

The track itself will provide a further $4 million into the purse as well. Once the spot is paid for, owners are welcome to lease or sell their starting gate spot to other connections.

The Pegasus World Cup doesn’t have the same level of glory as the Kentucky Derby, but it is definitely a race you don’t want to miss. This page will provide you with the updated odds as well as exclusive bonus offers.

You can also use the links below to learn more about how to bet on the Pegasus World Cup and past winners.

The first three runs that occurred at this glorious racing event were won by three different horses over the last three years.

This includes Arrogate in 2017 who was the conqueror of the Dubai World Cup, Gun Runner in 2018 who was voted the Horse of the Year in 2017, and the incredible City of Light middle distance horse in 2019.

Therefore, it’s safe to say that you’ll witness some of the best runners in the world when you watch the event.

The Stronach Group officials decided to increase the purse of the horse racing event up to $16 million during 2018.

However, due to the fact that the racetrack comes with a second race in 2019, known as the Pegasus World Cup Turf Invitational, the officials were prompted to reduce the overall purse of the event down to $9 million.

This allowed the Saudi Cup, a brand-new racing event in 2020 with a purse of $20 million, and the Dubai World Cup, with a purse of $12 million, to surpass the Pegasus World Cup as the richest horse racing events in the world.

Odds and Post Positions

The Pegasus Invitational is Saturday January 25th, 2020 at the famous Gulfstream Park.

Here are the odds and post positions for the 2020 Pegasus World Cup and Pegasus Turf.

Pegasus World Cup Odds

Post PositionHorseTrainerJockeyOdds
1True TimberKiaran McLaughlinJoe Bravo20 to 1
2TaxDanny GarganJose Ortiz12 to 1
3Diamond OopsPatrick BianconeJulien Leparoux20 to 1
4Seeking the SoulDallas StewartJohn Velazquez30 to 1
5Omaha BeachRichard MandellaMike Smith7 to 5
6Higher PowerJohn SadlerFlavien Prat6 to 1
7War StoryElizabeth DoblesJoel Rosario30 to 1
8Mr FreezeDale RomansLuis Saez30 to 1
9Spun to RunJuan Carlos GuerreroJavier Castellano7 to 2
10Mucho GustoBob BaffertIrad Ortiz Jr9 to 2
11TenfoldSteve AsmussenTyler Gaffalione30 to 1
12BodespressGustavo DelgadoEmisael Jaramillo30 to 1

Pegasus Turf Odds

Post PositionHorseTrainerJockeyOdds
1Zulu AlphaMike MakerTyler Gaffalione12 to 1
2ArklowBrad CoxLuis Saez6 to 1
3Without ParoleChad BrownFrankie Dettori4 to 1
4Sadler’s JoyTom AlbertraniJavier Castellano8 to 1
5Channel CatTodd PletcherJohn Velazquez10 to 1
6Instilled RegardChad BrownIrad Ortiz Jr10 to 1
7Admission OfficeBrian LynchFlavien Prat30 to 1
8Henley’s JoyMike MakerJulien Leparoux30 to 1
9Next SharesRichard BaltasJose Valdivia Jr30 to 1
10Mo ForzaPeter MillerJoel Rosario5 to 1
11Sacred LifeChad BrownJose Ortiz12 to 1
12Magic WandAidan O’BrienRyan Moore7 to 2
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How to Read the Pegasus World Cup Odds

Horse racing odds for the Pegasus World Cup Invitational aren’t considered the easiest thing in the world to read or understand.

The odds that are displayed next to each horse is essentially a mathematical representation of how likely each horse is to win the event. In addition, they also indicate how much money you will win if you have a winning bet.

Therefore, once you understand horse racing odds for the Pegasus World Cup event, you should be able to take a quick glance and determine your chances of winning and the potential profit you can make from each horse if they win.

You will notice that there are two ways in which odds are displayed when it comes to horse racing events. This includes the decimal system and the fractional system.

Fractional Horse Racing Odds

This is undoubtedly the most popular system among bettors when it comes to the World Cup odds. This is because most bettors find this system the easiest to read and understand.

As the name implies, odds are displayed in fractions, such as 3/1 or 4/1.

The number situated on the left signifies the amount you can potentially win, while the number situated on the right signifies the initial stake.

Let’s take a look at some examples:

  • 2/1 – The number located on the right (1) indicated one unit of your bet. This can be as small or big as you like. However, to make this easier to understand, let’s assume that it’s $1.00. The number located on the left (2) is what you will stand to win from your $1 bet should your selected horse win the event. This essentially means that you will receive double your initial bet back as your overall winnings (2 x $1.00). Therefore, you will win a total of $2.00. When it comes to fractional odds, you will also need to keep in mind that you will also receive your initial bet back if you are a winner. So, you should also add your initial bet with your winnings. Therefore, you will have a total of $3.00 if your selected horse wins the 2020 Pegasus World Cup at fractional odds of 2/1.
  • 4/1 – This will work in a similar fashion as the example provided above. Should you decide to bet $1 on a horse, you will have the potential to win four times your bet amount back as winnings if your selected horse wins the race. Don’t forget that you will also need to add your initial bet if you win. This basically means that you could win $5.00.
  • 7/2 – It’s worth mentioning that the fractional system only offers whole numbers. So, instead of having odds of 3.5/1, online sportsbetting sites will double the amount to end up with 7/2. Apart from this, you will find the basic principles to be exactly the same. If you make a $2.00 bet, you have the potential to walk away with $18 if your selected horse wins the Pegasus World Cup along with your initial bet of $2 which will make it $20.00.

Decimal Horse Racing Odds

Even though fractional odds are considered the most popular system in the world, you will notice that decimal odds are quickly growing in popularity around the world. Therefore, we included examples of decimal odds as well to ensure you are well-educated should you ever come across decimal odds in the Pegasus World Cup horse racing event.

Decimal odds essentially represent the amount of money you stand to win from your wager, where the initial wager amount is already included in the number that is represented next to each horse.

For instance, should you decide to make an even money bet (a wager where the winnings is equal to your betting amount) it will be represented as 2.0.

This essentially means that the $1 wager and the $1 winning amount is portrayed in decimal odds. In other words, a fractional off of 6/1, where you will receive $6 for every $1 your bet, will have decimal odds of 7.0.

The best way to determine your return when it comes to decimal odds is to subtract one from the overall number and then multiply the rest of the number with your bet amount.

For instance, if a horse comes with decimal odds of 12.0 with a $1 bet, you will need to do the following calculations: 12 – 1 = 11 along with 11 x 1. This will give you a return of $11.00. Should you make a bet of $10, you could potentially walk away with $110.00 if your horse wins the event.

How Are Odds Calculated for the 2020 Pegasus World Cup?

If you are interested in manually calculating horse racing odds for the 2020 Pegasus World Cup, you can easily do so by following the examples we included above, regardless if you choose to use decimal odds or fractional odds.

As with most things in life, the more practice you put in, the easier and faster it will become to calculate the odds for a horse racing event like the Pegasus World Cup.

If you decide to bet online, on the other hand, you will find that the easiest way to calculate the odds for the 2020 Pegasus World Cup is to use the innovative betting calculator that comes equipped with most online sports betting sites.

This is especially useful when it comes to calculating more complicated odds, such as parlays or accumulators, that require a lot more complex mathematical equations.

Pegasus World Cup and Futures Betting

Even though the Pegasus World Cup takes place in January each year, eager bettors will have the opportunity to place future bets long before the event actually takes place.

Future betting for the Pegasus World Cup usually occurs months before the big event and allows bettors to enjoy early betting action with generous odds that are usually fixed.

Most online sports betting sites will provide various types of future betting opportunities at different values. Therefore, we urge you to shop around before you lock up your hard-earned money for months at a time.

Highest Odds to Ever Win the Pegasus World Cup

As previously mentioned, the Pegasus World Cup is regarded as a newcomer in the world of U.S horse racing as the event has only been around since 2017. Below, you will find the three horses that managed to win the event over the last three years:

  • 2017 – City of Light with a time of 1:47:71
  • 2018 – Gun Runner with a time of 1:47:41
  • 2019 – Arrogate with a time of 1:46:83
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