Editorial Guidelines for PlayFecta

The goal of Playfecta.com is to be the premiere destination for horse racing betting news and information. To achieve that goal, we have committed ourselves to specific guidelines and principles which serve as the foundation for what we do while also ensuring that all stories which appear on these pages live up to those standards.

The staff at Playfecta.com aims to provide our community with top level news and insights about the world of horse racing and betting. The information we provide to our readers is both accurate and noteworthy, and held to a strict set of standards prior to being released for consumption.

The trust of our readers is of the utmost importance to the Playfecta.com team, and that serves as the guiding light for all that we do. Our staff is dedicated to serving our audience by delivering the information they need to know about horse racing and betting in a format that’s easy to digest and navigate.

Editorial Mission

To achieve our stated goals, the editorial team at Playfecta.com follows a simple and practical set of standards which are rigorously followed and adhered to.


Factual and timely information is the driving force behind our coverage. We aim to provide our readers with news that is completely accurate, in context, and presented without bias. Any analysis provided is conducted through a neutral lens with the simple goal of providing additional insight.

While we chase perfection, we also know that errors will happen from time to time. When it does, we will immediately correct and provide updates to our readers as needed. If you spot something that you think may be in error, please feel free to contact us.


The information presented on Playfecta.com is original. While gathering news, we stick to reliable, trusted, and verifiable sources. This may include industry trade publications and press releases, for example. All sources are properly vetted and provided with proper credit and attribution on our pages.


The news and information presented here at Playfecta.com has a simple aim: to engage and inform the reader. Our stories are crafted on an impartial basis and not clouded by personal bias.

We rely on the integrity of our staff. Playfecta.com is here to inform readers, not to sway their judgement. Our content is original, outside sources are properly vetted, and there are no conflicts in the way to impede it from being presented fairly and accurately.

Everything Else

Our core values and editorial mission drive what we do and how it’s presented. Here’s some other basic information on the practices here at Playfecta.com.

  • Business Partners: The business operations are conducted separately and without hindrance or interference for providing impartial industry information.
  • Community and Comments: We welcome engagement from our readers via article comments or on our social media channels. Please keep commentary respectful and civil. Those that violate our standards will be moderated
  • Contributors: Our contributors are top independent contractors who adhere to our values and standards.
  • Links: You may find links in our content which will direct you to additional information, either onsite or elsewhere. Links will always direct you to the appropriate and intended destination.
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