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Dubai World Cup

The Dubai World Cup, which is sponsored by none other than Emirates, can be praised as the crown jewel of the international horse racing scene. When horse racing embraced a new era during the changeover of centuries, the Dubai World Cup was at the forefront, paving the way forward since its inception in 1996.

With the Middle East and the United Arab Emirates hosting what is currently the centerpiece of international horse racing, the Dubai World Cup is essentially the World Championship for thoroughbreds from across the globe. Each and every thoroughbred around the world today has descended from the three Arabian stallions that hail from this part of the world, including the Godolphin Arabian, the Byerley Turk, and the Darley Arabian.

The world’s richest race

If anyone is aware of how much money is involved to host the extravagant Dubai World Cup every year, no one is saying a word. The richest horse racing event in the world offers more than $15 million in prizes and undoubtedly costs even more to organize. After all, horses need to fly to Dubai from Europe, South Africa, the United States, and even Japan.

You’ll be surprised to learn that the UAE’s Nad Al Sheba racetrack does not allow horse race betting of any kind. This means there’s very little offset to counter the millions that are spent on this spectacle that occurs once a year.

Parking and entry into the Nad Al Sheba racetrack is absolutely free. As a result, poor immigrant families are welcome to mingle with some of the wealthiest horse racing aficionados in the world who have jetted in for this extravagant event. Broadcast rights and sponsoring fees recuperate some of the costs. However, most of the expenses are simply covered by the Maktoum royal family.

The Dubai World Cup is essentially a thoroughbred horse racing event which takes place at the Meydan Racecourse situated in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The event was first introduced back in 1996 and features a total of 9 different races, consisting of one Purebred Arabian contest and 8 Thoroughbred contests. The 2019 Dubai World Cup offered a $12 million purse which makes it the richest horse racing event in the world. Participants are required to race on dirt at a distance of 2,000 meters, or 10 furlongs.

2020 Dubai World Cup odds

The Dubai World Cup was created by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who is the Prime Minister and Vice President of the United Arab Emirates. He is also the Ruler of Dubai.

This luxurious horse racing event offers a global stage where the best horses from across the globe gather to compete for the biggest prize pool each and every year.

The 2020 Dubai World Cup will take place on 28 March 2020. It will subsequently celebrate the 25th anniversary of this prestigious event with three Group 2 events, six Group 1 events, and more importantly, the $12 million feature race with some of the most renowned thoroughbreds in the world.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the odds for the Dubai World Cup in 2020.

2020 Dubai World Cup post positions

The 2020 Dubai World Cup post positions are still not released. Once the information is available, we will update this section accordingly.

How to read the 2020 Dubai World Cup odds

There’s no denying that horse racing odds are complicated. This makes it extremely difficult to read or understand them if you don’t know the difference between fractional odds, decimal odds, or even pari-mutuel betting.

Before you can place a bet on the 2020 Dubai World Cup, you will need to know the potential return you can make from your bet and the likelihood of your selected horse winning the race.

Fortunately, we have included a guide on each of these betting systems to help you read and understand each of the odds that are presented at online sports betting sites.

Pari-Mutuel betting

If you live in one of the American states where legal horse race betting is allowed, you will notice that most online sports betting sites utilize the pari-mutuel betting system, also known as pool betting. Pari-mutuel betting usually features in sporting events that are relatively short, and where the participants will finish the race in a ranked order, such as horse racing or greyhound racing. All the money that is wagered on a race will be accumulated into a pool before the house will take a percentage of the total amount. The rest of the money will then be divided between those that made the correct bet on the winning horse.

When it comes to pari-mutuel betting, you won’t always know how much money you can potentially win from your wager due to the fact that the odds will continuously change when a new bettor makes a wager. Pari-mutuel betting is totally different to fixed-odds betting where the payout is already determined when you place a bet. With that in mind, let’s take a look at how pari-mutuel betting will work in the 2020 Dubai World Cup.

All bets made for the 2020 Dubai World Cup will be placed in a pool. The house will then take a percentage of the pool to cover taxes, expenses, and more. This is called the takeout and it usually amounts to 15% or even 22% of the total pool amount. This will obviously depend on the racetrack and the bet type you make. The rest of the pool will be used to calculate the payouts for each of the winning bets.

For instance, let’s say there are 5 horses in the Dubai World Cup and each of them have received the following bets:

  • Horse 1 – $250
  • Horse 2 – $400
  • Horse 3 – $450
  • Horse 4 – $300
  • Horse 5 – $600

This gives you a pool total of $2,000. The house is going to take a 15% cut of the total pool, amounting to $300. This leaves you with $1,700. Let’s assume that Horse 3 won the Dubai World Cup. This means that the pool value of $1,700 will be divided between those that placed a bet on Horse 3. Please also take note that the initial wagers on Horse 3, valued at $450, will also be paid back to the winners, leaving the winners with a total payout worth $1,250 that is going to be divided between all the winners.

Decimal and Fractional odds

You will notice that not all online horse racing sites will offer the pari-mutuel betting system on horse racing. Instead, you will come across fixed-odds betting with either the fractional odds system or even the decimal odds system. Let’s take a look at both of them in detail.

Fractional odds

You will notice that fractional odds will always be presented in fractions, such as 9/2 or 1/4. These odds are immensely popular in the United Kingdom and are essentially just maths that you need to calculate. For our examples, let’s assume that each of the numbers in these fractions are units.

  • 3/1 – For every unit you wager, you can potentially earn 3 units if you placed a winning wager.
  • 7/5 – For every 5 units you wager, you can potentially earn 7 units if you placed a winning wager.
  • 9/3 – For every 3 units you wager, you can potentially earn 9 units if you placed a winning wager.

You will also find fractional odds that are portrayed the other way around. This basically means that the horse is regarded as a favorite to win the 2020 Dubai World Cup. For instance:

  •  1/6 – For every 6 units you wager, you can potentially earn 1 unit if you placed a winning wager.
  • 1/3 – For every 3 units you wager, you can potentially earn 1 unit if you placed a winning wager.

Please note that the fractional odds that are displayed next to each horse does not include your initial bet amount. You will need to add this afterwards to get the full return value.

Decimal odds

Decimal odds will be displayed as 6.0 or 2.0. To make life a little easier when it comes to decimal odds, multiply the number that is displayed next to the horse you wish to bet on with the amount you wish to wager to get your potential return value. With decimal odds, you will need to remember that your initial bet has already been factored into the number that you see next to the horse. Therefore, 6.0 in decimal odds is basically 4/1 in fractional odds where your initial bet is also included.

How are odds calculated for the 2020 Dubai World Cup?

The horse racing odds that are presented next to each horse in the 2020 Dubai World Cup has been carefully calculated thanks to a wide range of factors. These factors include previous wins, overall performance, track conditions, weather, and the competition in general.

You will notice that bookmakers also evaluate the trainer and jockey to determine the odds for each horse.

Once the odds are displayed, you’ll be able to calculate the potential return value on your bet now that you know how to read both fractional and decimal odds. You are also welcome to use a betting calculator that you will find on most sites, eliminating the need to calculate the odds manually. Simply enter your bet amount and the current odds to quickly see the potential return if the horse in question wins the race.

Dubai World Cup and Futures betting

Although the Dubai World Cup only takes place in March, online sports betting sites will usually post futures on the upcoming event months before the race actually happens. Most online bettors look forward to future betting opportunities as the odds are always more attractive, giving bettors the chance to claim a huge profit if they make a bet long before the event starts. Make sure to shop around for the best futures before placing your bet.

Previous winners of the Dubai World Cup

The Dubai World Cup has been around since 1996 which means there’s been loads of winners over the years. Below, you will find a list of all winners for each year since 1996, showcasing the best thoroughbreds from across the globe.

  • 1996 – Cigar
  • 1997 – Singspiel
  • 1998 – Silver Charm
  • 1999 – Almutawakel
  • 2000 – Dubai Millennium
  • 2001 – Captain Steve
  • 2002 – Street City
  • 2003 – Moon Ballad
  • 2004 – Pleasantly Perfect
  • 2005 – Roses in May
  • 2006 – Eletrocutionist
  • 2007 – Invasor
  • 2008 – Curlin
  • 2009 – Well Armed
  • 2010 – Gloria de Campeao
  • 2011 – Victoire Pisa
  • 2012 – Monterosso
  • 2013 – Animal Kingdom
  • 2014 – African Story
  • 2015 – Prince Bishop
  • 2016 – California Chrome
  • 2017 – Thunder Snow
  • 2018 – Thunder Snow

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