Melbourne Cup Results and Winners

Melbourne Cup runners, winners and payouts

Come November, the temperature rises in the land down under, and the action heats up on Australia’s racetracks. Every year, the Melbourne Cup steps up to show the world why it’s the cornerstone of the Australian horse racing calendar and is an event that’s not to miss. And, 2018 was absolutely no exception to the rule, as it was once again a thrill a minute affair.

After more than 20 years and countless attempts, the Godolphin Racing stable finally saw its first Melbourne Cup win. To say that this day had been a long time in the making would be an understatement, but with all the stable trainers entering horses into the race, you could say that they stacked the deck. Three horses from Godolphin had the chance to win it, but it was 4-year-old Cross Counter, trained by Charlie Appleby, who rode home to victory.

In many ways, this was Cross Counter and jockey Kerrin McEvoy’s race to lose. After establishing a lengthy lead, the chasing pack struggled to keep the pace. In the end, Cross Counter beat Hughie Morrison’s Marmelo by nearly three lengths, with Charlie Fellowes’ A Prince of Arran even further behind in third. While Cross Counter and Godolphin Racing made the headlines, the finishing three made a small piece of history because it made for a clean-sweep of the first three placings by British trainers.

Always exciting and sometimes controversial, history is guaranteed to be made at the Melbourne Cup. 

The following is a full rundown of the winner and almost-rans that crossed the line at the 2018 race:

PositionHorseJockeyMorning Line OddsWinnings (A$)
1Vow And DeclareCraig Williams10-1$4,400,000
2A Prince Of ArranMichael Walker16-1$1,100,000
3Il ParadisoWayne Lordan14-1$550,000
4Master Of RealityFrankie Dettori25-1$350,000
5Surprise BabyJordan Childs11-1$230,000
6Mer De GlaceDamian Lane8.5-1$160,000
7FincheKerrin McEvoy7.5-1$160,000
8Cross CounterWilliam Buick12-1$160,000
9Steel PrinceBrett Prebble60-1$160,000
10Magic WandRyan Moore25-1$160,000
11Twilight PaymentHugh Bowman40-1$160,000
12SoundJames Winks90-1$160,000
13ConstantinopleJoao Moreira8.5-1
14Mirage DancerBen Melham50-1
15Hunting HornSeamie Heffernan50-1
16Raymond TuskJamie Spencer20-1
17The Chosen OneTim Clark30-1
18LatrobeJames McDonald20-1
19Southern FranceMark Zahra25-1
20YoungstarTommy Berry30-1
21NeufboscLuke Nolen100-1
22DowndraftJohn Allen20-1
23MustajeerDamien Oliver18-1
24RostropovichDwayne Dunn40-1

Melbourne Cup payouts

Two things flow at the Melbourne Cup every year: drinks and cash. 

The betting counter is buzzing, and so is the bar. Therefore, understanding the payouts before the event kicks off can undoubtedly be of benefit. While we don’t have a crystal ball close by that will help you predict the next winner, we can use last year’s race to help you get a grip on what potential payouts you’ll see this year.

Looking at many of the available bet types, should you have your eyes on the Melbourne Cup 2020 field, make sure you cast your eyes over this table first. 

That way, you’ll know where you can get the most bang for your buck:

Bet TypeResultsPayout
First Four23-12-20-3$79,381.40
Running Double2-23$225.50

Melbourne Cup past winners

The Melbourne Cup might not be known for its glamour, but it’s certainly not a race that’s short on history. 

Dating to 1861, the race has produced many a single winner in the past. Still, there have been several horses that have dominated the track at Flemington Race Course.

Setting the tone for the many decades that would follow, the same horse won the first two Melbourne Cup races. Archer, ridden by John Cutts, romped home to win in back to back years, as the horse proved to be too quick and too strong for the rest of the field. Even during its second year at the event and coming in at a much heavier weight, Archer proved that his first win was certainly no fluke. Cutts made a piece of history, too; if the rumor is to be believed, he was the first aboriginal winner, but horse racing historians debate this. However, many feel that such honor belongs to Frank Reys, who rode Gala Supreme to victory in 1973, so the matter is still up for debate.

What Archer was able to do was phenomenal, but fast-forward nearly 150 years, and a horse channeling his spirit was able to go one better. The conversation about legendary winners at the Melbourne Cup isn’t complete without talking about Makybe Diva, who won the race in 2003, 2004 and 2005. Each win came in at a vastly different weight; there is no denying that this famous hat-trick-made jockey Glenn Boss is a superstar in the horse racing stratosphere.

These are just a few of the legendary winners associated with the Melbourne Cup. 

For a full list of winners check out the table below:

2019Vow And DeclareCraig Williams3:24.76
2018Cross CounterKerrin McEvoy3:21.17
2017RekindlingCorey Brown3:21.29
2016AlmandinKerrin McEvoy3:20.58
2015Prince of PenzanceMichelle Payne3:23.15
2014ProtectionistRyan Moore3:17.71
2013FiorenteDamien Oliver3:20.30
2012Green MoonBrett Prebble3:20.45
2011DunadenChristophe Lemaire3:20.84
2010AmericainGérald Mossé3:26.87
2009ShockingCorey Brown3:23.87
2008ViewedBlake Shinn3:20.40
2007EfficientMichael Rodd3:23.34
2006Delta BluesYasunari Iwata3:21.47
2005Makybe DivaGlen Boss3:19.17
2004Makybe DivaGlen Boss3:28.55
2003Makybe DivaGlen Boss3:19.90
2002Media PuzzleDamien Oliver3:16.97
2001EtherealScott Seamer3:21.08
2000BrewKerrin McEvoy3:18.68
1999Rogan JoshJohn Marshall3:19.64
1998JezabeelChris Munce3:18.59
1997Might and PowerJim Cassidy3:18.33
1996SaintlyDarren Beadman3:18.80
1995DoriemusDamien Oliver3:27.60
1994JeuneWayne Harris3:19.80
1993Vintage CropMichael Kinane3:23.40
1992SubzeroGreg Hall3:24.70
1991Let's ElopeSteven King3:18.90
1990Kingston RuleDarren Beadman3:16.30
1989TawrrificShane Dye3:17.10
1988Empire RoseTony Allan3:18.90
1987KenseiLarry Olsen3:22.00
1986At TalaqMichael Clarke3:21.70
1985What A NuisancePat Hyland3:23.00
1984Black KnightPeter Cook3:18.90
1983KiwiJim Cassidy3:18.90
1982Gurner's LaneMick Dittman3:21.20
1981Just A DashPeter Cook3:21.20
1980Beldale BallJohn Letts3:19.80
1979HypernoHarry White3:21.80
1978ArwonHarry White3:24.30
1977Gold and BlackJohn Duggan3:18.40
1976Van der HumRobert J. Skelton3:34.10
1975Think BigHarry White3:29.60
1974Think BigHarry White3:23.10
1973Gala SupremeFrank Reys3:19.50
1972Piping LaneJohn Letts3:19.30
1971Silver KnightR. Bruce Marsh3:19.50
1970Baghdad NoteMidge Didham3:19.70
1969Rain LoverJim Johnson3:21.50
1968Rain LoverJim Johnson3:19.10
1967Red HandedRoy Higgins3:20.40
1966GalileeJohn Miller3:21.90
1965Light FingersRoy Higgins3:21.10
1964Polo PrinceRon Taylor3:19.60
1963Gatum GatumJim Johnson3:21.10
1962Even StevensLes Coles3:21.40
1961Lord FuryRay Selkrig3:19.50
1960Hi JinxWilliam A. Smith3:23.75
1959MacdougalPat Glennon3:23.00
1958BaystoneMel Schumacher3:21.25
1957Straight DrawNoel L. McGrowdie3:24.50
1956Evening PealGeorge Podmore3:19.50
1955ToparoaNeville Sellwood3:28.25
1954Rising FastJack Purtell3:23.00
1953WodallaJack Purtell3:23.75
1952DalrayBill Williamson3:23.75
1951DeltaNeville Sellwood3:24.25
1950Comic CourtPat Glennon3:19.50
1949FoxzamiWilliam Fellows3:28.50
1948RimfireRay Neville3:21.00
1947HirajiJack Purtell3:28.00
1946RussiaDarby Munro3:21.25
1945RainbirdBilly Cook3:24.25
1944SiriusDarby Munro3:24.50
1943Dark FeltVic Hartney3:23.25
1942ColonusH. McCloud3:33.25
1941SkiptonBilly Cook3:23.75
1940Old RowleyAndy Knox3:26.00
1939RivetteTeddy Preston3:27.00
1938CatalogueF. Shean3:26.25
1937The TrumpAshley Reed3:21.50
1936WotanOssie Phillips3:21.25
1935MarabouK. Voitre3:23.75
1934Peter PanDarby Munro3:40.50
1933Hall MarkJ. O'Sullivan3:27.50
1932Peter PanBill Duncan3:23.25
1931White NoseN. Percival3:26.00
1930Phar LapJames E. Pike3:27.75
1929NightmarchRoy Reed3:26.50
1928StatesmanJames L. Munro3:23.25
1927TrivalveBobby Lewis3:24.00
1926SpearfeltHugh Harold Cairns3:22.75
1925WindbagJames L. Munro3:22.75
1924BackwoodBunty Brown3:26.50
1923BitalliTitch Wilson3:24.25
1922King IngodaTitch Wilson3:28.25
1921Sister OliveTed O'Sullivan3:27.75
1920PoitrelKen Bracken3:25.75
1919ArtillerymanBobby Lewis3:24.50
1918Night WatchBill Duncan3:25.75
1917WestcourtWilliam H. McLachlan3:26.75
1916SasanofF. Foley3:27.75
1915PatrobasBobby Lewis3:28.25
1914KingsburghGeorge Meddick3:26.00
1913PosinatusA. Shanahan3:31.00
1912PiastreA. Shanahan3:27.50
1911The ParisianR. Cameron3:27.75
1910Comedy KingWilliam H. McLachlan3:27.75
1909Prince FooteWilliam H. McLachlan3:27.50
1908Lord NolanJ. R. Flynn3:28.75
1907ApologueBill Evans3:27.50
1906PoseidonTom Clayton3:31.25
1905Blue SpecFrank Bullock3:27.50
1904AcrasiaTom Clayton3:28.25
1903Lord CardiganNorman Godby3:29.25
1902The VictoryBobby Lewis3:29.00
1901RevenueFrederick J. Dunn3:30.50
1900Clean SweepAndrew Richardson3:29.00
1899MerriweeV. Turner3:36.50
1898The GrafterJohn Gough3:29.75
1897GaulusStephen Callinan3:31.00
1896NewhavenH. J. Gardiner3:28.50
1895AurariaJ. Stevenson3:29.00
1894PatronHenry G. Dawes3:31.00
1893TarcoolaHerbert Cripps3:30.50
1892GlenlothG. Robson3:36.25
1891MalvolioG. Redfearn3:29.25
1890CarbineRobert Ramage3:28.25
1889BravoJack Anwin3:32.50
1888MentorMick O'Brien3:30.75
1887DunlopTom Sanders3:28.50
1886ArsenalW. English3:31.00
1885Sheet AnchorMick O'Brien3:29.50
1884MaluaAlick Robertson3:31.75
1883Martini-HenryJ. Williamson3:30.50
1882The AssyrianC. Hutchins3:40.00
1881ZuluJim Gough3:32.50
1880Grand FlaneurThomas Hales3:34.75
1879DarriwellS. Cracknell3:30.75
1878CalamiaT. Brown3:35.75
1877ChesterP. Pigott3:33.50
1876BriseisPeter St. Albans3:36.25
1875WollomaiR. Batty3:38.00
1874HaricotP. Pigott3:37.50
1873Don JuanW. Wilson3:36.00
1872The QuackW. Enderson3:39.00
1871The PearlJ. Cavanagh3:39.00
1870NimblefootJ. Day3:37.00
1869WarriorJ. Morrison3:40.00
1868GlencoeC. Stanley3:42.00
1867Tim WhifflerJohn Driscoll3:39.00
1866The BarbW. Davis3:43.00
1865ToryboyE. Cavanagh3:44.00
1864LanternS. Davis3:52.00
1863BankerH. Chifney3:44.00
1862ArcherJohn Cutts3:47.00
1861ArcherJohn Cutts3:52.00

Make time for the Melbourne Gold Cup

Horse racing is certainly a big deal on British shores, but while there are plenty of big races on the calendar, there is only one Melbourne Cup. Never failing to bring together a super competitive field, we expect Melbourne Cup 2020 to be the biggest race in the event’s history arguably. Hold your horses before you place a bet, though.

We’ve got the Melbourne Cup 2020 covered. Therefore, before you part with your money, remember what we said above and be sure to check out our full race guide before post-time.

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