Kentucky Derby Results 2024

Kentucky Derby results, winners & payouts

There are plenty of horse races in America every year. Quite literally thousands, but there is one that stands head and shoulders above the rest. 

The Kentucky Derby is the famous jewel in the Triple Crown, with it having delivered show-stealing action year after year through a list of truly legendary winners.

From its first race in 1875, no less than 146 horses have claimed the title as Kentucky Derby champion.

Leading the charge as the inaugural Kentucky Derby winner, thousands of horses have been following in the footsteps – or hooves – of Aristides ever since he finished first past the post.

For every bettor, it’s all about picking the next winner and wrapping up the cash as a result. We won’t tell you that it’s easy, but we can certainly make it easier to understand the field. Form, weight, trainer, stable, jockey and so much more are all elements that combine to create a winner at the Kentucky Derby. Don’t worry, though, as you don’t need to trawl the web for this information — oh no! 

We’re detailing the past results of the famous “Run for the Roses.” Who’s won it, how they’ve won it and every controversy along the way.

Circle Saturday, May 1, on your calendar, as the next Kentucky Derby isn’t far off. Get the latest information on the big race right here.

Kentucky Derby payouts

When you bet on the Kentucky Derby, you’ll be looking for the proverbial bang for your buck.

When making sure you get the best possible payout, taking a look at historic payouts attached to Kentucky Derby winners is undoubtedly essential.

Now, we know that we don’t have a time machine. If we did, we’d certainly put a few more bucks on 2019’s controversial winner Country House before post-time, but this information could be worth its weight in gold come May 1.

The following table breaks down exactly what you could have got your hands on should you have bet on the 65-1 longshot winner in 2019. You’ll also find the various types of horse race bets you could have applied and the returns they would payout.

20Country House$132.40$56.60$24.60
13Code of Honor$15.20$9.80

Payouts on all Kentucky Derby bets

PayoutsBet TypeHorseWin
$1.00Super High Five20/13/8/5/16$544,185.90
$0.50Pick 37/12/20$638.80
$0.50Pick 43/7/12/20$11,325.65
$0.50Pick 52, 8/3/7/12/20$72,317.6
$0.20Pick 64/2, 8/3/7/12/20$271,869.8
0Pick 6$137,593.95

Kentucky Derby winners

To say that the history of the Kentucky Derby is rich would be a massive understatement. 

Steeped in history, countless names have crossed the final post first, having established legendary reputations amongst bettors in the process. We’ve already mentioned the first winner from 1875 in Aristides, with the Oliver Lewis ridden horse setting the tone for what was to come over the next 140 plus years.

The first filly to claim the title would be Regret, who would romp home first in 1915. Regret wouldn’t set the trend, however, as only three fillies have ever won the Kentucky Derby in its history, with Genuine Risk winning in 1980 and Winning Colors claiming the crown in 1988. It’s safe to say that fillies don’t exactly have the best time on the track at the Kentucky Derby. But will another name join the filly winner’s list in 2021?

You can’t talk about past winners of the Kentucky Derby without talking about Secretariat in 1973.

Dominating the race like he had done so many before, he holds the record finish time. In fact, the story of Secretariat’s exploits at the Kentucky Derby is so famous that he was even the basis of a blockbuster Hollywood movie in 2010.

The list of Kentucky Derby winners is a who’s who of the sport. Therefore, let’s take a look at the horses who have won the “most exciting two minutes” in horse racing.

All the winners from 1874-2020

2020AuthenticJohn Velazquez2:00.61
2019Country HouseFlavien Prat2:03.93
2018Justify Mike E. Smith2:04.20
2017Always DreamingJohn R. Velazquez2:03.59
2016NyquistMario Gutierrez2:01:31
2015American PharoahVictor Espinoza2:03.02
2014California ChromeVictor Espinoza2:03.66
2013OrbJoel Rosario2:02.89
2012I'll Have AnotherMario Gutierrez2:01.83
2011Animal KingdomJohn Velazquez2:02.04
2010Super SaverCalvin Borel2:04.45
2009Mine That BirdCalvin Borel2:02.66
2008Big BrownKent Desormeaux2:01.82
2007Street SenseCalvin Borel2:02.17
2006BarbaroEdgar Prado2:01.36
2005GiacomoMike Smith2:02.75
2004Smarty JonesStewart Elliot2:04.06
2003Funny CideJosé Santos2:01.19
2002War EmblemVictor Espinoza2:01.13
2001MonarchosJorge Chavez1:59.97
2000Fusaichi PegasusKent Desormeaux2:01
1999CharismaticChris Antley2:03.29
1998Real QuietKent Desormeaux2:02 1/5
1997Silver CharmGary Stevens2:02 2/5
1996GrindstoneJerry Bailey2:01
1995Thunder GulchGary Stevens2:01 1/5
1994Go for a GinChris McCarron2:03 3/5
1993Sea HeroJerry Bailey2:02
1992Lil E. TeePat Day2:03
1991Strike the GoldChris Antley2:03
1990UnbridledCraig Perret2:02
1989Sunday SilencePatrick Valenzuela2:05
1988Winning ColorsGary Stevens2:02 1/5
1987AlyshebaChris McCarron2:03
1986FerdinandWilliam Shoemaker2:02 4/5
1985Spend a BuckAngel Cordero, Jr.2:00 1/5
1984SwaleLaffit Pincay, Jr.2:02 2/5
1983Sunny's HaloEddie Delahoussaye2:02 1/5
1982Gato Del SolEddie Delahoussaye2:02 2/5
1981Pleasant ColonyJorge Velasquez2:02
1980Genuine RiskJacinto Vasquez2:02
1979Spectacular BidRonnie Franklin2:02 2/5
1978AffirmedSteve Cauthen2:01 1/5
1977Seattle SlewJean Cruguet2:02 1/5
1976Bold ForbesAngel Cordero, Jr.2:01 3/5
1975Foolish PleasureJacinto Vasquez2:02
1974CannonadeAngel Cordero, Jr.2:04
1973SecretariatRon Turcotte1:59 2/5
1973Riva RidgeRon Turcotte2:01 4/5
1971Canonero IIGustavo Avila2:03 1/5
1970Dust CommanderMike Manganello2:03 2/5
1969Majestic PrinceWilliam Hartack2:01 4/5
1968Forward PassIsmael Valenzuela2:02 1/5
1967Proud ClarionRobert Ussery2:00 3/5
1966Kauai KingDon Brumfield2:02
1965Lucky DebonairWilliam Shoemaker2:01 1/5
1964Northern DancerWilliam Hartack2:00
1963ChateaugayBraulio Baeza2:01 4/5
1962DecidedlyWilliam Hartack2:00 2/5
1961Carry BackJohn Sellers2:04
1960Venetian WayWilliam Hartack2:02 2/5
1959Tomy LeeWilliam Shoemaker2:02 1/5
1958Tim TamIsmael Valenzuela2:05
1957Iron LiegeWilliam Hartack2:01 1/5
1956NeedlesDavid Erb2:03 2/5
1955SwapsWilliam Shoemaker2:01 4/5
1954DetermineRaymond York2:03
1953Dark StarHenry Moreno2:02
1952Hill GailEddie Arcaro2:01 3/5
1951Count TurfConn McCreary2:02 3/5
1950MiddlegroundWilliam Boland2:01 3/5
1949PonderSteve Brooks2:04 1/5
1948CitationEddie Arcaro2:05 2/5
1947Jet PilotEric Guerin2:06 4/5
1946AssaultWarren Mehrtens2:06 3/5
1945Hoop Jr.Eddie Arcaro2:07
1943PensiveConn McCreary2:04 1/5
1942Shut OutWayne D. Wright2:04 2/5
1941WhirlawayEddie Arcaro2:01 2/5
1940GallahadionCarroll Bierman2:05
1939JohnstownJames Stout2:03 2/5
1938LawrinEddie Arcaro2:04 4/5
1937War AdmiralCharle Kurtsinger2:03 1/5
1936Bold VentureIra Hanford2:03 3/5
1935OmahaWilliam Saunders2:05
1934CavalcadeMack Garner2:04
1933Brokers TipDon Meade2:06 4/5
1932Burgoo KingBasil James2:05 1/5
1931Twenty GrandCharle Kurtsinger2:01 4/5
1930Gallant FoxEarl Sande2:07 3/5
1929Clyde Van DusenLinus McAtee2:10 4/5
1928Reigh CountCharle Lang2:10 2/5
1927WhiskeryLinus McAtee2:06
1926Bubbling OverAlbert Johnson2:03 4/5
1925Flying EboneEarl Sande2:07 3/5
1924Black GoldJohn D. Mooney2:05 1/5
1923ZevEarl Sande2:05 2/5
1922MorvichAlbert Johnson2:04 3/5
1921Behave YourselfCharles Thompson2:04 1/5
1920Paul JonesTed Rice2:09
1919Sir BartonJohn Loftus2:09 4/5
1918ExterminatorWilliam Knapp2:10 4/5
1917Omar KhayyamCharles 2:04 3/5
1916George SmithJohn Loftus2:04
1915RegretJoe Notter2:05
1914Old RosebudJohn McCabe2:03 2/5
1913DonerailRoscoe Goose2:04 4/5
1912WorthCarroll Hugh Shilling2:09 2/5
1911MeridianGeorge Archibald2:05
1910DonauGeorge Ham2:06 2/5
1909WintergreenVincent Powers2:08 1/5
1908Stone StreetArthur Pickens2:15 1/5
1907Pink StreetAndy Minder2:12 3/5
1906Sir HuonRoscoe Troxler2:08 4/5
1905AgileJack Martin2:10 3/4
1904ElwoodFrank Prior2:08 1/2
1903Judge HimesHarold Booker2:09
1902Alan-a-DaleJimmy Winkfield2:08 3/4
1901His EminenceJimmy Winkfield2:07 3/4
1900Lieut. GibsonJimmy Boland2:06 1/2
1899ManuelFred Taral2:12
1898PlauditWillie Simms2:09
1897Typhoon IIButtons Garner2:12 1/2
1896Ben BrushWillie Simms2:07 3/4
1895HelmaSoup Perkins2:37 1/2
1894ChantFrank Goodale2:41
1893LookoutEddie Kunze2:39 1/4
1892AzraAlonzo Clayton2:41 1/2
1891KingmanIsaac Murphy2:52 1/4
1890RileyIsaac Murph2:45
1889SpokaneThomas Kiley2:34 1/2
1888Macbeth IIGeorge Covington2:38 1/4
1887MontroseIsaac Lewis2:39 1/4
1886Ben AliPaul Duffy2:36 1/2
1885Joe CottonErkine Henderson2:37 1/4
1884BechananIsaac Murphy2:40 1/4
1883LeonatusWilliam Donohue2:43
1882ApolloBabe Hurd2:40 1/4
1881HindooJames McLaughlin2:40
1880FonsoGeorge Garret Lewis2:37 1/2
1879Lord MurpheyCharlie Shauer2:37
1878Day StarJimmy Carter2:37 1/4
1876Baden-BadenWilliam Walker2:38
1875VagrantBobby Swim2:38 1/4
1874AristridesOliver Lewis2:37 3/4

The Kentucky Derby keeps the action coming

The results don’t lie, as the Kentucky Derby is the most action-packed race on the American horse racing calendar. Have your eye on the big race come May 1, 2021. Don’t place a wager without seeing what we have to say about the runners and riders. 

We shared a rundown on the past winners; however, our coverage of the “Run for the Roses” doesn’t end there, so stay tuned.

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