Best Horse Racing Rebates and Bonuses

Rebates, promotions and bonus bet offers

Let’s face it; there’s no shortage of reasons to start betting online. Once you register at any legal racing site, you’re opening the door to easy wagering on the hottest horse races around the world. You are also gaining access to rebates, promotions and plenty of chances to get your hands on a little (or big) something extra.

You’ll undoubtedly like your chances of beating the bookies already, but bonus cash can make your returns that much sweeter. If you’re looking for a significant bankroll boost, let us tell you, you’ve come to the right place.

We’re breaking everything down.

Where to claim, how to claim, who’s offering what and exactly what you need to keep an eye out for when it comes to rebates and extra cash bonuses.

Details are what you need, so details are precisely what you’re going to get, as we’re going to address the following and more:

  • Horse Racing Rebates: Horse race betting sites have primarily replaced the old-style, flat-rate rebate offers with something much more rewarding.
  • Welcome Offer: The best “Hello!” around; you can enjoy some big-time bonuses just for registering at a betting site.
  • Bet Insurance and Cash Back: These two incentives will mean you’ll get some or all of your money back.
  • Best Odds Guaranteed: Early or late, some sites will guarantee you the best odds around.
  • Rollover Requirements: Let’s take a look at how rollovers work and how to make sure you aren’t caught out by them.
  • Free Past Performances: See your favorite horses’ past performances without having to part with any cash to do so.

Horse Racing Rebates: Online and offline options

Horse racing rebates have been around forever, but they’ve never had more oomph than they do today.

Rebates work as a form of a reward for bettors. Usually clocking in between 3%-10%, dependent on what bets you’re placing (the riskier the bet, the higher the rebate) and the amount you’re willing to wager.

Some gray market bookies — you probably know who we’re talking about — persist with the old-style, flat-rate rebates. Overly risky and often not worth the time, most bettors understand that these are to be avoided.

Thankfully, a lot of sites have revitalized the rebate game, delivering supercharged welcome bonuses and ongoing loyalty rewards. That’s not all either, as high-rollers can even get dedicated offers, so those that have the cash to splash can get exclusive deals.

Without any more delay, let’s look at a few excellent examples of rebates and promos:

Best online racing rebates

#1: TVG

Straight out of the gate, new players at TVG get their first single-horse win bet back up to $200 with promo code 200TVG. If you take full advantage of this offer by making your first deposit and place your first single horse win-type bet on any race, you’ll get up to $200 back as wagering credit if your horse doesn’t win.

Every bet placed at TVG earns new players a credit, which can then be collected and exchanged for other betting rewards. TVG isn’t lightweight when it comes to other promotions. It offers bettors free form reports, cash back and sweepstakes, all of which add a little extra spice to the on-track action.

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#2: BetAmerica

Not too far off TVG, BetAmerica gives all new players a matched 100% bonus on first deposits.

Like TVG, BetAmerica has a rewards points system in place. So, for every wager, players rack up points and then exchange them for further bonuses and rewards.

Top promotions include the popular VIP Daymaker, which hands cash back for losing bets on star selections. Other big promotions are usually in place on the major races.

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#3: TwinSpires

Getting $20 worth of bonus bets for every $100 of bets made is a nice little incentive for anyone. Once again, TwinSpires also has a loyalty points scheme in place so, for those betting regularly, they will soon be exchanging points for big prizes.

Don’t forget about the VIP-exclusive scheme, and the Bet Back and Winsurance promotions either.

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The free cash bonus offers

No matter what you call them — online racebooks, bookies, bookmakers and horse racing betting sites — they offer you some lofty sign-up incentives. We touched on them above, but there’s certainly room for more explanation.

TwinSpires has a deal that stands out, and with it, serves up a $100 bonus to all new bettors. It’s a pretty clear cut, what you see is what you get, kind of offer.

Bettors get a $20 bonus every time they wager $100, up to $100. No time limit is attached to this deal, so it’s ongoing from the moment players sign up.

The luxury of this offer is that high-rollers can claim it instantly, while more casual bettors can claim it over the long term, while not missing out on a cent of it.

Yes, this certainly looks like a 20% rebate on the surface. Remember that you must wager any bonus money you receive before you can withdraw it as actual cash.

The deposit bonus offers

Nothing is more “classic” on the online horse race betting scene than the 100% matched deposit bonus.

This type of offer is particularly attractive, as it effectively doubles your first deposit to let you come flying out of the gate, if you pardon the pun.

Taking the offer from BetAmerica as an example, anyone opening an account can grab a 100% match bonus, which is a perfect pick-me-up.  The best way to grab hold of this deal is to claim the whole 100% bonus upfront.

This is because it’s a one-and-done type of deal.

You simply place a wager with the funds, and you’re good to go; fingers crossed that you come up a winner. Win or lose; this is quite much like a form of an instant rebate.

Stay loyal for big rewards

You didn’t think that the bonus action was exclusive to new players, did you?

Now we will dig into the type of bonus that’s going to bring you the big bucks over the long-term.

Practically every horse race betting site offers a loyalty program. Each bet you place will get you points; if you earn enough points, you can exchange them for rewards.

BetAmerica presents an excellent example of how a loyalty scheme should operate, as it’s certainly not short on wager rewards. You’ll receive points for every dollar you wager and extra points should you place exotic bets, e.g., Pick 6, exacta, etc.

Players at BetAmerica can exchange these points, as long as they have enough, for more bonuses.

In terms of the rebate power of a loyalty scheme, as the old saying goes: You get out what you put in. Small wagers over time can lead to big rewards, just as long as you stick with it and aren’t afraid to put in the time.

Also, keep your eyes peeled for VIP loyalty schemes. Some sites offer them and usually have the power to appease any high-roller with dedicated account managers, exclusive giveaways, and most importantly, even bigger bonuses.

Cash back and bet insurance

Cash back is king, or is it cash is king? Either way, insurance bets and getting money back are a few things that have serious rebate potential.

A cash-back offer is exactly what it claims to be; it’s money that rewards you with a rebate on your stake should it fall short, i.e., your pick comes in second.

This offer usually occurs during the biggest races of the year, e.g., when you’re betting on the Grand National or Triple Crown. In the runup to the race, cash-back offers will be easy enough to find.

Insurance bets are a little less common but no less effective. They deliver rebates on exotic bets, often when one leg doesn’t win.

For example, a Pick 6 wager when your sixth pick doesn’t bring home the win, under a bet insurance promotion, you’ll see your stake returned. Not the flashiest rebate by any means, but bet insurance – much like cash-back offers – gives you a second chance at winning big.

Get the guaranteed best odds

Less about bonuses and more about winning big, the best odds guarantees take the choice out of your hands in the best way possible. These offers take you away from the pari-mutuel betting pool, which usually gives the option of taking the odds available at the time of wager or the starting of the race.

When the best odds guarantee promotion is running, you get just that; the best odds come race-time. You will bet at the current odds, but should they improve come post-time, you’ll get the better odds.

This promotion lets you keep the longer odds, which is made even sweeter when the horse you picked romps home to victory.

Be wary of rollover requirements

Rollovers aren’t only something you’ll see in lotteries. Horse race betting has its version, but it isn’t quite what you think.

Sometimes listed as a wagering or playthrough requirement, rollover requirements represent the number of times you’ll need to play through an account balance and bonus before you can withdraw your winnings.

Rollover requirements can get a touch complicated, so here’s a quick example:

Say you get a 100% first-deposit bonus with a 5x rollover requirement attached. You deposit $100 and receive $100 as a bonus; this $200 total will need to be bet five times to make the money yours. The sum equates to a $1,000 worth of wagers.

Rollover requirements are non-negotiable, so you must compare to get the best deal and meet such demand before you try to cash out any winnings.

Take a look at free past performances

Understanding the form of any horse means looking at past performance data.

Doing this would usually cost you a small fee, but some betting sites now add this as a perk to regular depositors. TVG, in particular, offers this service, as you can purchase past performances with a bet of $10 or more, seeing this fee reimbursed as a goodwill gesture.

Free past performances can boost your betting output, as by looking through them, you may spot something that other bettors don’t before post-time.

Nothing beats watching live

Who wants to trudge down to the racetrack when you can watch the big race from home? Live streaming has brought global horse racing to the masses.

TVG, BetAmerica, and TwinSpires all offer live streaming, so if you wager on the race, you’ll be given live stream access to watch the race in real-time.

We must note that this might not apply to all races, but more often than not, live streams will be just a click away.

Always read the terms and conditions

We can’t stress this enough: When you sign up for a bookmaker of any sort or engage in a promotion, make sure you read the bonus terms and conditions.

Long-winded and admittedly quite boring, no terms and conditions agreement is ever going to win the Pulitzer Prize; however, it does have telling information that affects your bonus.

What you’ll likely find in the terms and conditions are things such as bonus expiration datesmax-win amounts, and so forth. Most importantly, it’ll also detail the rollover requirement, so you can see if the offer is reasonable (10x or less) or unreasonable (anything more than 40x).

Plus, you’ll also find out if there are any state restrictions when using a particular site through the terms and conditions as well.

There’s nothing more annoying than using a bonus to win, only to find that the terms cap you at the knees. Reading the terms and conditions will allow you to keep your eyes open and not be caught off-guard.

The final word on horse race rebates

Sign yourself up to a legal, well-run and regulated horse betting site, and what you’ll usually find are juicy bonuses waiting for you to claim them.

Flat-rate rebates might still be around, but online the game has changed, as what we’ve mentioned above are now the easiest ways to received incentives.

Make sure you head straight the site’s promotion page, as it’s the easiest way to boost your bottom line. After all, what could be better than a little (or a lot) of extra cash in your back pocket?

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