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Belmont Stakes

The Belmont Stakes is often referred to as the Test of the Champion, due to its status as the final race of the Triple Crown. Many races have been held on the world-famous Belmont track since its establishment in the mid-1800s.

This prestigious race is also called the Run for the Carnations. This is in keeping with the theme of flowers for the other races—the Kentucky Derby uses roses and the Preakness is known for Black-Eyed Susans. Like the other two races, the Belmont Stakes is steeped in its own esoteric traditions and history.

The race is notorious for being the most difficult of the three Triple Crown races, owing to its grueling length of a mile and a half. Whenever a horse is the first to cross the finish line, it is draped in bundles of white carnations to commemorate its achievement. This is not dissimilar to the roses and Black-Eyed Susans used in the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes, respectively.

Putting it simply, the Belmont Stakes is no pushover when it comes to sheer difficulty. The race is incredibly unforgiving to all of its participants, which is why the first horse to cross the finish line is given so much attention and adoration.

Make no mistake, this race separates the wheat from the chaff, which is exactly why the Belmont Stakes has some of the highest betting numbers when it comes to annual sporting events.

Belmont Stakes winners

One thing is for sure, the Belmont Stakes is no snoozefest. It easily holds its own against the Preakness Stakes and the Kentucky Derby, and its status as the “Test of the Champion” makes it especially prestigious in the horse racing world.

Its track is the smallest of the three, because it only offers enough room for the very best thoroughbreds to race.

Over the years, we’ve seen some truly legendary winners take the crown at Jerome Park Racetrack, Morris Park, and Belmont Park, the three locations of the Belmont Stakes.

The first race was won by the filly Ruthless, and since then many notable thoroughbreds have gone on to victory.

The full list of Belmont Stakes winners is shown below:

2020Tiz the LawManny Franco1:46.53 (*1 1/8 mi)
2019Sir WinstonJoel Rosario2:28.30
2018Justify Mike Smith2:28.18
2017TapwritJose Ortiz2:30.02
2016CreatorIrad Ortiz Jr.2:28.51
2015American Pharoah Victor Espinoza2:26.65
2014TonalistJoel Rosario2:28.52
2013Palace MaliceMike Smith2:30.70
2012Union RagsJohn Velazquez2:30.42
2011Ruler on IceJose Valdivia Jr.2:30.88
2010DrosselmeyerMike Smith2:31.57
2009Summer BirdKent Desormeaux2:27.54
2008Da'TaraAlan Garcia2:29.65
2007Rags to Riches John Velazquez2:28.74
2006JazilFernando Jara2:27.86
2005Afleet AlexJeremy Rose2:28.75
2004BirdstoneEdgar Prado2:27.50
2003Empire MakerJerry Bailey2:28.26
2002SaravaEdgar Prado2:29.71
2001Point GivenGary Stevens2:26.56
2000CommendablePat Day2:31.19
1999Lemon Drop KidJose Santos2:27.88
1998Victory GallopGary Stevens2:29.16
1997Touch GoldChris McCarron2:28.82
1996Editor's NoteRene R. Douglas2:28.96
1995Thunder GulchGary Stevens2:32.02
1994Tabasco CatPat Day2:26.82
1993Colonial AffairJulie Krone2:29.97
1992A.P. IndyEd Delahoussaye2:26.13
1991HanselJerry Bailey2:28.10
1990Go And GoMichael Kinane2:27.20
1989Easy GoerPat Day2:26.00
1988Risen StarEd Delahoussaye2:26.40
1987Bet TwiceCraig Perret2:28.20
1986Danzig ConnectionChris McCarron2:29.80
1985Creme FraicheEddie Maple2:27.00
1984SwaleLaffit Pincay Jr.2:27.20
1982Conquistador Cielo2:28.20
1981SummingGeorge Martens2:29.00
1980Temperence HillEddie Maple2:29.80
1979CoastalRuben Hernandez2:28.60
1978Affirmed Steve Cauthen2:26.80
1977Seattle Slew Jean Cruguet2:29.60
1976Bold ForbesAngel Cordero Jr.2:29.00
1975AvatarBill Shoemaker2:28.20
1974Little CurrentMiguel A. Rivera2:29.20
1973Secretariat Ron Turcotte2:24.00
1972Riva Ridge2:28.00
1971Pass CatcherWalter Blum2:30.40
1970High EchelonJohn L. Rotz2:34.00
1969Arts and LettersBraulio Baeza2:28.80
1968Stage Door JohnnyHeliodoro Gustines2:27.20
1967DamascusBill Shoemaker2:28.80
1966AmberoidWilliam Boland2:29.60
1965Hail To AllJohnny Sellers2:28.40
1964QuadrangleManuel Ycaza2:28.40
1963ChateaugayBraulio Baeza2:30.20
1962JaipurBill Shoemaker2:28.80
1961SherluckBraulio Baeza2:29.20
1960Celtic AshBill Hartack2:29.20
1959Sword DancerBill Shoemaker2:28.40
1958CavanPete Anderson2:30.20
1957Gallant ManBill Shoemaker2:26.60
1956NeedlesDavid Erb2:29.80
1955NashuaEddie Arcaro2:29.00
1954High GunEric Guerin2:30.80
1953Native Dancer2:28.60
1952One CountEddie Arcaro2:30.20
1951CounterpointDavid Gorman2:29.00
1950MiddlegroundWilliam Boland2:28.60
1949CapotTed Atkinson2:30.20
1948Citation Eddie Arcaro2:28.20
1947PhalanxRuperto Donoso2:29.40
1946Assault Warren Mehrtens2:30.80
1945PavotEddie Arcaro2:30.20
1944Bounding HomeGayle Smith2:32.20
1943Count Fleet Johnny Longden2:28.20
1942Shut OutEddie Arcaro2:29.20
1941Whirlaway 2:31.00
1940BimelechFred A. Smith2:29.60
1939JohnstownJames Stout2:29.60
1937War Admiral Charley Kurtsinger2:28.60
1936GranvilleJames Stout2:30.00
1935Omaha Willie Saunders2:30.60
1934Peace ChanceWayne D. Wright2:29.20
1933HurryoffMack Garner2:32.60
1932FairenoTommy Malley2:32.80
1931Twenty GrandCharley Kurtsinger2:29.60
1930Gallant Fox Earl Sande2:31.60
1929Blue LarkspurMack Garner2:32.80
1928VitoClarence Kummer2:33.20
1927Chance ShotEarl Sande2:32.40
1926CrusaderAlbert Johnson2:32.20
1925American FlagAlbert Johnson2:16.80
1924Mad PlayEarl Sande2:18.80
1922PilloryCharles H. Miller2:18.80
1921Grey LagEarl Sande2:16.80
1920Man o' WarClarence Kummer2:14.20
1919Sir Barton Johnny Loftus2:17.40
1918JohrenFrank Robinson2:20.40
1917HourlessJames H. Butwell2:17.80
1916Friar RockEverett Haynes2:22.00
1915The FinnGeorge Byrne2:18.40
1914Luke McLukeMerritt C. Buxton2:20.00
1913Prince EugeneRoscoe Troxler2:18.00
1910SweepJames H. Butwell2:22.00
1909Joe MaddenEddie Dugan2:21.60
1908ColinJoe NotterN/A
1907Peter PanGeorge MountainN/A
1906BurgomasterLucien Lyne2:20.00
1905Tanya Gene Hildebrand2:08.00
1904DelhiGeorge M. Odom2:06.60
1903AfricanderJohn Bullman2:21.75
1901CommandoHenry Spencer2:21.00
1900IldrimNash Turner2:21.25
1899Jean BereaudRichard Clawson2:23.00
1898Bowling BrookFred Littlefield2:32.00
1897Scottish ChieftainJoe Scherrer2:23.25
1896HastingsHenry Griffin2:24.50
1895BelmarFred Taral2:11.50
1894Henry of NavarreWillie Simms1:56.50
1892PatronWilliam Hayward2:17.00
1891FoxfordEdward H. Garrison2:08.75
1890BurlingtonShelby "Pike" Barnes2:07.75
1889EricWilliam Hayward2:47.25
1888Sir DixonJim McLaughlin2:40.25
1886Inspector B2:41.00
1885TyrantPatsy Duffy2:43.00
1884PaniqueJim McLaughlin2:42.00
1883George Kinney2:42.50
1881SauntererTom Costello2:47.00
1880GrenadaW. Hughes2:47.00
1879SpendthriftGeorge Evans2:42.75
1878Duke of MagentaW. Hughes2:43.50
1877CloverbrookCyrus Holloway2:46.00
1876AlgerineBilly Donohue2:40.50
1875CalvinRobert Swim2:42.25
1874SaxonGeorge Barbee2:39.50
1873SpringbokJames G. Rowe Sr.3:01.75
1872Joe Daniels2:58.25
1871Harry BassettW. Miller2:56.00
1870KingfisherEdward D. Brown2:59.50
1869FenianC. Miller3:04.25
1868General DukeRobert Swim3:02.00
1867Ruthless Gilbert Patrick3:05.00

Winners and results from the 2019 Belmont Stakes

Trainer Mark Casse had quite the season in 2019.

Fresh off a win in the Preakness, he managed to clinch victory at the Belmont Stakes despite the 10-1 odds. With his horse Sir Winston crossing the finish line first, Casse now trains two stellar three-year old thoroughbreds that he can be proud of. (War of Will was his victor in the Preakness, who finished with a 1.25 length lead over the second-place finisher.)

Sir Winston managed to fend off Tacitus over the course of the entire race thanks to the efforts of his rider, Joel Rosario. Tacitus managed to finish second by a mere 1.25 lengths. Following up behind him was Joevia, who was a long shot to win the race, but gave an impressive showing. Behind him was Tax.

While War of Will was hot off his win in the Preakness, he managed a much more middling 9th place finish. However, he will likely be remembered more for the events which preceded his performance in the Belmont.

The Preakness had a riderless horse finish the race, which was cause for disqualification.

For fans, this meant that there would be no new Triple Crown winner for the fifth year in a row, following American Pharaoh and Justify’s back-to-back victories.

Sir Winston’s impressive performance

All this should not distract from Sir Winston’s exciting race. Rosario managed to bring him up from 8th place all the way to the front over the course of the race.

Near the last turn, he managed to pull ahead of Tax and Joevia, who put up spirited challenges themselves. War of Will was pushed off the rail in the final strength, and it was here that Sir Winston—named for Winston Churchill—managed to take the lead from Tacitus and win it all.

The real loser at the Belmont Stakes was Bill Mott. Owing to Tacitus’s second-place finish, his owner, Bill Mott, was denied 2/3 of the Triple Crown pot.

One of his other horses, Country Horse, managed to finish first at the Kentucky Derby. Below is a list of all the horses who finished the 2019 Belmont Stakes:

Finish PositionHorseJockeyMorning Line OddsFinal OddsWinnings
1Sir WinstonJoel Rosario12–110.20$800,000
2TacitusJose Ortiz9–51.95$280,000
3JoeviaJose Lezcano30–121.60$150,000
4TaxIrad Ortiz Jr.15–111.70$100,000
5Master FencerJulien Leparoux8–113.30$60,000
6SpinoffJavier Castellano15–110.40$45,000
7EverfastLuis Saez12–116.50$35,000
8Intrepid HeartJohn R. Velazquez10–16.90$30,000
9War of WillTyler Gaffalione2–13.65
10Bourbon WarMike E. Smith12–110.00

Belmont Stakes payouts

When you place your horse racing bets on the Belmont Stakes, you’ll want to get the most “bang for your buck,” so to speak. To help you make the most informed decision, check out the handy chart we’ve provided regarding past odds and payouts.

We know it can’t predict the future, and we wish we could go back and place more money on Joevia and his 21/1 odds, as his show-place finish would have returned a pretty penny.

But with this information, you’ll be well-positioned to make wise bets when the next race rolls around.

The table below contains a full breakdown of the odds on each horse in last year’s Belmont Stakes, as well as how much a bet on a particular horse would have paid. We think this will help you make a better choice when picking your bets in 2020’s race.

7Sir Winston$22.40$8.80$6.10

The Belmont Stakes is only getting bigger!

The Belmont Stakes has gone to great lengths to keep itself relevant over its long history.

The race has kept itself exciting and as action-packed as ever, and we don’t doubt for a second that the 2021 race will be the same.

You now know what all the past winners have looked like, but don’t hesitate to look to the future. Stay tuned as racing news coverage of the 2021 Belmont Stakes ramps up in the coming months!

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